✅ Uniform wearing of facemasks is mandatory only at healthcare facilities and in public transport from May 2, 2022. It is no longer compulsory to wear the facemask at schools.

✅ If and when a citizen of Georgia enters the country with PCR test results, s/he bears no obligation to get retested with PCR on the third day. Also, self-isolation is no longer mandatory for citizens of Georgia, who are returning to the country without PCR test results.

✅ Every citizen/resident of a foreign country arriving through air, land or marine borders of Georgia without full vaccination, but if vaccinated – presents a PCR test result valid for 72 hours (without an obligation to get retested with PCR on the third day); So-called Country Locker has been removed.

✅ Obligation has been waived for the Green Passport to be presented for admission, though every system of records keeping remains valid and individuals who need Green Passport for an overseas travel, will still be able to use this mechanism.


Practically, all the restrictions and regulations have been waived, except for the uniform wearing of facemasks in public transport and healthcare facilities Interagency Coordination Council continues to monitor the epidemic trends and will make further decisions accordingly.